CARES Act Project Director

John Gutierrez

Project Director

John Gutierrez provides one-on-one specific and technical assistance to potential clients in the areas of building capacity to small minority owned businesses to enhance their technical and management skills to effectively compete for procurement and export opportunities. Local, State, GSA, Federal (8A) Certification, loan packaging and financial management. Prior to joining MBDA Business Center Pasadena, U.S. Department of Commerce, he was a business consultant for MBDA Business Center in Los Angeles operated by the University of Southern California for over 9 years. Prior to joining MBDA Business Center in Los Angeles, Mr. Gutierrez has over 25 years of experience with various roles in management with national residential/commercial leading companies and international real estate development.

Mr. Gutierrez has been a consultant to small business owners and empowers them through education, technical and implementation techniques. He is driven by passion and a sincere desire to provide measurable economic impact to the small business communities.