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U.S. Department of Commerce
So Cal Corporate Growth Partners, an operator of MBDA Business Center.  A Federal Funded Program by the MBDA U.S. Department of Commerce

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Dan Sieu, Executive Director
Daniel K. Sieu has extensive experience in management; marketing, finance and particularly, in expanding opportunities with small to large minority businesses. Previous positions held include: President and Executive Director, Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund of Los Angeles; Business owner of Worldwide Financial consulting firm and Business Counselor of the Pacific Asian Consortium Employment/ Business Development Center.  Daniel has particular strengths in business development and marketing. He has a solid background in evaluating financial statements, and reviewing and analyzing business and marketing plans.

Daniel has a Bachelors of Science in Marketing & Finance (dual major) from the California State University, Long Beach. He also holds a State of California Real Estate Brokers License. Notable achievements include being named “Finance Firm of the Year” for 2007, by Minority Business Opportunity Center (MBOC), sponsored by City of Los Angeles and Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)..; Manufacture of the Year; Liaison between Peoples Republic of China (PRC) developers and United States/European Investment groups.

John Gutierrez, Sr. Business Consultant
As a Business Consultant, Mr. Gutierrez provides one on one specific and technical assistance to potential clients in the areas of Local, State, GSA, Federal (8A) Certification, loan packaging and financial management. Prior to joining MBDA Business Center Pasadena, He was a business consultant for MBDA Business Center in Los Angeles. Prior to joining MBDA Business Center in Los Angeles, Mr. Gutierrez has over 20 years of experience with various roles in management with National Residential / Commercial Leading companies and International Real estate Development.
Mr. Gutierrez has been a consultant to small business owners and empowers them through education, technical and implementation techniques. He is driven by passion and a sincere desire to provide measurable economic impact to the small business community.

Jim Baiseri, Business Consultant
Recently completed contract with the Minority Business Development Agency, operated by University of Southern California,  as a business consultant with the task of developing business relationships with U.S. business enterprises seeking trading opportunities with the Asian markets. Also was  the Program Coordinator of the “Bridges to Business Success Program” an educational business course offered at the University of Southern California for disadvantaged small business enterprises, seeking appropriate certifications and procurement opportunities with various governmental municipalities, including federal and state government agencies.

He is currently the managing member of CAMS, LLC (Consulting Administrative Management Services), an administrative services firm, specializing in Enterprise Risk Analysis. Enterprise Risk Analysis includes the assessment and valuation of business enterprises of all sizes; identifying hazards that expose businesses to economic losses in the areas of; finance, regulatory compliance, marketing, human resources, entity structure and administrative operations.

Sean Oh, Business Consultant
Sean Oh has vast experience and knowledge in Strategic Planning and Corporate Development.  Prior to joining SCCGP, He was a Managing Director at CNJ Capital Group and he was engaged in consulting, sourcing, development, and analysis of potential investment and business opportunities as well as financing and management strategies.  Prior to CNJ Capital Group, he was a Vice President and COO with Shearson Mortgage, wholesale mortgage broker, managing corporate operations and product development. Previously, he was engaged in many business ventures in the U.S. and internationally, in which he was responsible for many aspects of business including management consulting, strategic planning, restructuring, finance, marketing, and management for companies like Samsung and Korea First Bank.

Sean graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Economics.

Tana Thammagno, Office Manager
Tana Thammagno has over twelve years of experience in performing administrative duties. She has coordinated with various management teams and staff for operational support activities; has served as a liaison between management team and non-profit board members in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational issues. She has a history of providing effective and efficient administrative and secretarial support for various team members in answering phones, assisting clients and resolving a range of administrative issues and inquiries.  She efficient in operating a desktop/laptop computer to compose and edit correspondence and memoranda from dictation, verbal direction from knowledge of policies of established organization, prepares, composes, type, edit and distribute agendas and minutes of various and numerous meetings. She works with management to schedule and coordinate meetings, interviews, appointments, events and other similar activities which also include travel and lodging arrangements.