Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals

Established in 2011, the USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. DBA Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community service organization dedicated to increasing sustainable homeownership and economic development for the active military and veteran communities.

They were established to advocate on behalf of SDVOB small businesses by business-minded people who had become disabled while serving their Country; they only wanted to be independent, contributing citizens. They currently joyed into a national presence in 42 states. They are serving the veteran-owned businesses in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The mission is simple "Helping other Vets Help Themselves".

As a housing non-profit for vets, by vets, their success is measured not by a balance sheet for shareholders but by how many lives we can improve through their programs and services. Their proactive stance--providing financial-literacy education and advocating homeownership--may not end the epidemic of homelessness among the veteran community, but can prevent it from happening in the future, one veteran at a time.

“VAREP Cares”

VAREP Cares supports active military and veterans as a result of hardship. Every person that has honorably served, deserved a place to go when they need a hand up.


MEGA LED Technology, Inc

Our next award is “Innovative company” and we are proud to award “MEGA LED” company, Mr. Simon Park.

MEGA LED company is not a google, ebay, nor and they do not make any smartphones or phone applications. It is small technology manufacturing company located in Los Angeles with less than 20 employees. However, it is one of well-known online sellers of LEDpanels, LED display boards, LED signs and displays, including digital billboards. Founded in 2006, the company had a steady growth while proudly manufacturing in United States.

For those of you who has interest in America’s space program, they have successfully launched our next generation “Orion” spacecraft last month at the Kennedy Space Center. This spacecraft is designed to take us deep into the space we’ve ever gone before. NASA contacted the MEGALED company and asked if they can built a top-of-line LED display that will be used to replace the old countdown clock which has been viewed by millions of people in around the World. MEGA built 7ft high x 26 ft wide with 460,000 LED lights tightly packed to provide best resolution and best outdoor LED display as of today that will televise the America’s spacecraft launch countdown from now on.


Solarmax Technology Inc.

Founded in 2008 by a trio of environmental and business minded friends, SolarMax Technology Inc. started as a solar integrator aspiring to increase renewable energy awareness and deliver affordable, high-quality solar energy systems. Started with just 2 employees, SolarMax has grown exponentially ever since. Today, SolarMax Technology, Inc. employs more than 200 people in the United States and has offices in Shanghai, China. SolarMax Technology, Inc. is a leading residential and commercial full service renewable energy systems integrator. SolarMax offers turnkey services including design, procurement, permitting, build-out, grid connection, financing, financing referrals, warranty and customer satisfaction activities. Our solar energy systems use high-quality solar system components from top tier manufacturers including our own branded SMX solar panels. We use proven technologies and techniques to help customers achieve meaningful savings by reducing their utility costs and total cost of energy. In addition, we help customers lower their emissions of carbon and reliance upon fossil fuel energy sources.

SolarMax Technology has designed and installed over 3,000 residential and commercial solar systems. This makes us one of the most experienced and one of the largest downstream solar integrators in Southern California. Presently we serve customers in Southern California from our corporate office located in Riverside, CA and seven sales offices throughout the region.

As the only solar integrator with a lending license, SolarMax Technology was the first solar integrator to offer a diverse array of financing options to our customers especially in the residential sector where in addition to third-party leasing solutions, we also offer loan options. Our diverse finance offerings allow us to provide solar power to our customers at prices that are economically attractive to their individual situation. In addition, maintaining a variety of financing sources allows us to source customer financing under the most favorable terms.

The company plans to expand its footprint with 25 retail locations nationwide. SolarMax and its business partners aim to utilize their extensive knowledge and expertise in the development, manufacture, design and installation of solar and LED electric systems to provide customers with a simple solution to all their energy needs. Consultants, engineers and a team of SolarMax experts enlighten their customers with the knowledge and power they need to make educated decisions about their renewable energy needs.

SolarMax Technology is also connected to its community. Because of the tremendous success SolarMax has experienced, the company is able to donate products and services to churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations in the community. SolarMax believes that a good business always gives back to its community. SolarMax Technology, Inc. strives to not only provide quality renewable energy systems but also help its community.