Pasadena MBDA Business Center operated by So Cal Corporate Growth Partners (SCCGP) is a non-profit, public benefit organization formed in April of 2011, located in Southern California. In 2011, SCCGP was one out of three organizations nationwide to receive federal funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Development Agency (MBDA) to operate Riverside Business Center. The Organization was the operator of MBDA Business Center Riverside from 2011 to 2016.

In August 2015, we received an “Outstanding Rating” for our service to the community and for the operation of the center.

In 2015, we responded to the FFO released by the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and successfully secured the contract for the Pasadena Business Center, of which we have been the operator ever since. SCCGP is currently on operator of Pasadena MBDA Business Center. 

We are one of the 33 MBDA Business Centers in the nation. 

Although our center is located in Pasadena, we have been able to work collaboratively with other MBDA Business Centers across California and other states to assist minority-owned businesses in obtaining access to markets and capital (domestic and global), fostering key industry relations and leveraging business expertise. Our business center have extensive experience in working with financial institutions, domestic and foreign leaders/governments, educational institutions, civic organizations, trade associations, business, and individuals.


Business Matchmaking

  • Personalized Business Matchmaking

  • Information and Conseling

  • Partner Search

  • Market Research

Strategic Business Development

Strategic and business planning

  • Business Acquisitions and M&A

  • Market Research and Due Diligence

  • Business Investment Opportunity

  • Business Evaluation

Foreign Direct Investment

  • Identification of viable investments

  • Help to access premium opportunities

  • Preliminary project evaluation

  • Access governmantal agencies for cooperation