So Cal Corporate Growth Partners (SCCGP) is a non-profit 501(c)3, public benefit organization formed in April of 2011, located in Southern California.  Our approach is focused on strengthening our bond with our customers and building new ones through different programs that we offer. With their vision in mind, we work side by side with our clients to design and deliver products and services that influence and make social investments while growing and expanding their business. 

Our Organization anticipates that by promoting the success of its clients it will have a significant impact on the communities. Our programs and workshops will directly provide high-level business development services; develop, maintain and strengthen a network of strategic partnerships; provide collaborative consulting services with Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and other State funded programs. 



The Vision of So Cal Corporate Growth Partners is to create hope and empowerment for businesses (primarily minority owned businesses) by assessing their past benchmarks for restrictions, failures and successes; then making necessary changes for future prosperity and sustainability.


The Mission of So Cal Corporate Growth Partners is to actively support and strengthen businesses and their communities by acting as an established and trusted conduit to educational, civic, political, business, financial and global partners.


The success of So Cal Corporate Growth Partners operating the MBDA Business Center is directly attributable to the dedication of our Executive Management Team and staff. Our team goal is to help our clients; Secure financial capital. Identify contracting opportunities. Categorize immediate and long-term business needs. Facilitate Merger & Acquisition transactions. Assist with Issues Advocacy. Open doors to key decision makers globally and domestically. Provide group and one on one training and education.



The Mission of the SCCGP Emergency Preparedness Team is to bring awareness and education to small business regarding the threats of disasters, the resources to survive them and the tools to overcome them.

The Value Proposition of SCCGP Emergency Preparedness Team is to Partner with Disaster Recovery Agencies, Resource Partners and Contracting Officers building awareness in the Small Business Community in emergency preparation and disaster response

The Vision of the SCCGP Emergency Preparedness team is to build Resilient Communities by building Resilient Businesses that prepare themselves pre-disaster so they can support the recovery efforts in the community post- disaster.


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MBDA Business Center funded by Minority Development Agency (MBDA), a part of U.S. Department of Commerce.  We are here to assist minority-owned businesses in obtaining access to markets and capital (domestic and global), fostering key industry relations and leveraging business expertise. Our business center have extensive experience in working with financial institutions, domestic and foreign leaders/governments, educational institutions, civic organizations, trade associations, business, and individuals.




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